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10 Quick and Healthy Halloween Snacks

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are throwing a party, have a look at these 10 healthy snacks that are quick to make, no fuss and will taste great!

healthy halloween snacks apples

1. Snake Apples

You need a few green apples, a few strawberries, runny peanut butter and a few peanuts to use as teeth. Apple and peanut butter go hand in hand so you will surely like this one. Cut one apple in 4 pieces, carve out the eyes and mouth, add some peanut butter and finish with a piece of strawberry and a peanut.

healthy halloween snacks sweet potato

2. Evil Sweet Potato

Cut a sweet potato in circles, about 1cm thick. With a small knife carve out the faces (be careful). Throw them on a sheet of baking paper, drizzle with some vegetable oil, sprinkle some salt and bake them at 170° until brownish.

healthy halloween snacks spiders

3. Cheesy Spiders

This snack is very easy to make. You only need a bag of circular cheeses such as "Babybel" and a pack of mini pretzels to break off and use as legs.

healthy halloween snacks ogre

4. Ogre Toasts For this treat you need square toasts, mashed avocado, mozzarella and olives. I had pomegranate at home and I also added two seeds for the eyes. Instructions are pretty simple, just spread the mashed avocado on the toasts, cut teeth and eyes from the mozzarella and olives and place them on top.

healthy halloween snacks ghosts

5. Banana Ghosts

Cut a few bananas in halves, place on a serving tray and add chocolate chips as eyes. I used 90% dark chocolate from Lindt and cut the shapes myself, but you can use ones from the store. Note: if you are using a single block of chocolate to cut from, make sure your hands are not very warm and that you have kept the chocolate in the fridge before cutting as otherwise it will start to melt fast.

healthy halloween snacks monster

6. Monster Toasts For these toasts you need Beetroot pesto, olives and Gouda cheese. It's pretty simple to prepare but it really stands out because of the color.

healthy halloween snacks broomsticks

7. Flying Broomsticks

You need some Gouda cheese and some salty sticks for this treat. Cut each piece in stripes almost all the way up and then roll the salty stick around it to form this shape. Mine stood together like this but if yours don't, you can use chives to tie them up.

healthy halloween snacks mummy

8. Mummy Toasts These ones are very cute. You need square pieces of bread, pizza tomato base, cheese (I used the remaining Gouda I had) and olives for the eyes. Just spread the tomato base first and then cover with cheese stripes leaving some space for the eyes made of cheese and olive circles. Bake in the oven at 170° and take them out just before the cheese turns brown because they look more realistic like this.

healthy halloween snacks cookies

9. Zombie Choc Chip Cookies

You only need 5 ingredients for these cookies. You have to position the chocolate chips in a way that makes the faces appear scary (or scared, whatever what you want!). Click here for the recipe.

healthy halloween snacks lantern

10. Jack O'Lanterns You will use tangerines for this one. You can either peel them and add a piece of cucumber or green pepper as a handle or if you prefer, you can draw scary faces on them. Just bear in mind that some stronger markers might leak into the tangerines and you don't want to eat that. So better use some drier marker.

Hope you liked these healthy Halloween snacks and you will include some of them in your next Halloween party. Take care and stay healthy!

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