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Personal Training Zurich


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Outdoor personal training in Zurich

Train alone (1-on-1) or with a friend (2-on-1). With me you will follow personalized training plan focused on your goal and will work to eliminate any weaknesses.

You will receive nutritional advice and ongoing support in building healthy habits. We use variable equipment in our sessions so you'll never be bored.

Gym based personal training

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At PureGym Lochergut. If you want to work out indoors, use the machines and weights found in a gym and have a place to go to train alone to supplement our training together, this might be the option for you.

female personal trainer zurich

Online personal training (live via Google Meets)

If you want to save yourself the commute, the uncertainty of the weather outside and train from the comfort of your home while still having the live guidance and feedback of a personal trainer, this option might suit you best. 

Membership Prices

All sessions are 1 hour long.
All memberships are billed on a weekly basis (every Saturday). You can cancel at any time with 10 days' notice. Outdoor training is only available during the warm months.

1-on-1 at

PureGym or Outdoors

1 session a week: CHF 95

2 sessions a week: CHF 180

3 sessions a week: CHF 270

2-on-1 Outdoors

1 session a week: CHF 135

2 sessions a week: CHF 260

3 sessions a week: CHF 390

1-on-1 Online via Google Meets

1 session a week: CHF 75

2 sessions a week: CHF 140

3 sessions a week: CHF 210

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