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Simple ways to eat healthy when traveling

You know the feeling? Rushing to the airport super early, in the middle of the night. You get there and you're sleepy but the lights are too bright to ignore. You are tired and bored and while you wait for your flight the only open store is the one with candy and not so good coffee. This is one of few very common situations you can find yourself in when traveling. Read below to find some tips to help you stay healthy on the go.

1. Pack a snack for the airport Before the trip you can prepare yourself a sandwich, buy a pack of nuts and an apple and call it a day. That way you don't have to depend on whether the shops and restaurants at the airport have a decent (yet overpriced) option for you. Just remember that anything remotely liquid is probably not going to pass through security check so better avoid bringing yogurts, soups or smoothies.

2. When you can only find a gas station When driving or leaving a place very early on, it often happens that the only open place for food you can find is a gas station. These normally have fruits, so picking up a banana is a good idea. Also, instead of the many chips and crisps options there, try to search for a better option at their refrigerated stand. Most places will have those familiar triangular sandwiches or a pack of deli meat or cheese.

3. Around your hotel room When booking accommodation, it's a good idea to try to find one that has a grocery store near by. Some stores have a hot stand with freshly cooked food. This way you can conveniently buy something healthy for your time away.

4. At the restaurant Sometimes I order a salad as a starter and then check the actual starters and depending on how hungry I am I choose something from there. The actual main courses in many places are either too big or small but very fatty and heavy. Many restaurants and bars have a "house salad" so you can look for that. It's worth having a go to option that is popular in many places. Mine is Caesar salad. It's very common and chances are wherever I go they will have it. And also it always tastes good.

5. Maybe you can wait Remember that if you are hungry and there are no good option around, it's perfectly okay to wait a bit until you find something good. And it's always better if you previously thought of bringing a small snack with you such as protein bar, nuts or a banana.

6. Make a plan It's a good idea to set 5 minutes aside before your trip and check what food options you will have once you go. Prepare if you can, And remember that often it cannot be perfect so don't strive for it. Strive for better. Choose the better option and don't stress too much about it. Thank you for reading and have safe travels!

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