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Should you exercise when you're sick?

Hi there! In today's short post we talk about whether it is good or bad idea to engage in exercise if you have a cold. People say "listen to your body" but sometimes it gives mixed signals.

According to Mayo Clinic:

  • Exercise is generally okay if your symptoms are above the neck. Meaning a slightly blocked nose, a little bit of sore throat and sneezing probably won't interfere with your workout that much. It's a good idea to reduce the intensity of your workout though.

  • If you have an upset stomach, fever, muscle aches, deep cough, in other words your symptoms are below the neck it probably isn't a good idea to go and exercise. Consider if you will be around other people as you might get them sick too.

Exercise may reduce your risk of getting sick to begin with because it strengthens your immune system.

If you are already ill and not exercising, make sure you have completely recovered before going back to your training routine as you risk prolonging your symptoms. Take care and be safe out there! If you live in Zurich and need a personal trainer, feel free to get in touch. :),fatigue%20or%20widespread%20muscle%20aches.

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