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Our health and our cosmetics 

We live in the 21st century when almost everything around us is polluted. Every day we are exposed to poisonous chemicals which affect our health little by little. Being healthy today isn't merely eating the "right foods". Sad, but true. We can't do much about breathing in the cars' exhausts every day when we are outside and it's hard to find a vegetable in the store which is not wrapped in plastic. Aaand it's hard to make the "right choice" when a salad costs £5 and a bag of cookies costs £1. One thing we can actually change to reduce greatly the chemicals our bodies receive on a daily basis is changing the type of cosmetics we use. All the toxic substances found in commercial cosmetics which we use every day are really harmful. About an year ago I changed my makeup, toiletries and other cosmetics I use to organic and natural brands and I really really like all the products I am using right now.

An example is this nail polish from @benecos_official which I found in a nature cosmetics store in Amsterdam few months ago and absolutely loved the colour. And it feels good to know I'm not soaking any of the harmful chemicals found in other brands. I also really like the @lavera_naturkosmetik eyeshadow palette and the way it smells (like flowers) as well as the @100percentpure matte lipsticks.. honestly, these are the best.

I am looking for recommendations for similar brands and would be interested to hear if someone has tried any. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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