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Hot fitness trends for 2023

In the beginning of 2022 many experts predicted that wearable technology will essentially dominate the fitness world this year. And it's true. People are obsessed with the latest gadgets, watches and all kinds of equipment the technology brings us. It is partially because people are more interested in keeping track of their health now more than ever. As you can imagine, most of the trends rising up in the year 2023 are related to technology. Below are some of them to look out for.

1. Online personal training

With busy schedules and fast paced lives, it's no surprise that this is an increasing trend. Since the "rise" of this type of personal training during the covid lockdowns of 2020 it has been favoured by more and more people around the world. And why not? It is convenient, cost effective and gives results. (At Vanya Fitness I also offer live personal training sessions online and I can't recommend it enough both to trainers and to clients.)

2. Virtual reality training

VR is a big thing in entertainment and now it's popularity in the fitness world is growing too. Experts predict one of the fitness trends for 2023 to be just this - virtual reality workouts. Besides it being great tool for meditation and relaxation, VR can put you in all these incredibly scenic locations for your workout.

3. Wearable technology

Probably the biggest trend of 2022 and 2023. There new smartwatches coming out every other day. There are all sorts of belts that can track pretty much everything your body does. There are even hats with built in headphones.

4. More people focusing on mental health

Now more than ever there is interest in mental health and more and more people look at exercise not only as tool to look good but to also feel good. More is known about the effects of exercise on our mood and happiness and more people start to engage in types of activities such as yoga and breathing exercises.

5. Tabata workout

Tabata has been gaining popularity for a few years already and apparently this trend is bound to continue in 2023. Tabata is a type of interval training with incorporates rounds of intense effort for 20 seconds and rest periods of 10 seconds. It could be used as a good HIIT workout method as HIIT workouts are short and intense. Tabata could be a great fit for busy people with tight schedules who wish to fit in a workout in their day. If you want to try some short Tabata workouts which you can do without equipment from your home, check out my YouTube channel. And as always, if you need a personal trainer in Zurich, get in touch! :)

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