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5 exercises for a toned bum

I know why you're here. You want fit and toned booty. And who doesn't!

There is no question that squats and deadlifts are the best you can do to build muscles around the hips and if you are not doing them yet, you have to start. Seriously.

To give additional boost to the bum however, you should do other more isolating exercises after the big lifts. Scroll down for 5 exercises that will help you build that J Lo butt.

1. Resistance band glute kickbacks

You try bodyweight and after the first 30 repetitions you realise there's not much muscle stimulation and you don't feel any burn. It's time to make it a bit more difficult. When using a resistance band try to stretch it as much as you can and add a pause of about a second at the top of the movement.

2. Cable kickbacks

One of the best secondary exercises for the glutes (secondary meaning you do them after the primary exercises like squats and deadlifts). Very helpful for building the gluteus maximus muscle. Try not to bend your knee too much and instead keep straight leg while performing the exercise.

3. Hip thrust

One of my favourite exercises to work on the posterior chain without putting pressure on the knees. Just make sure the bench you're using is stable enough and you're not going to slide. Some people use pads to prevent the hips from bruising, some don't. Try and see which variation you prefer.

4. Resistance band glute bridges

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This exercise has similar mechanics to the hip thrust. At the top of the movement your weight should be evenly distributed between your upper back (back of the shoulders) and the heels of your feet. Squeeze the bum muscles as much as you can and then lower the hips to the ground.

5. Reverse hypers

Last recommendation - reverse hypers. This exercise also works some muscles of your back. To make it harder you can hold a small dumbbell between your feet (careful not to drop it).

I hope these were some good suggestions for your next booty training session. Let me know your favourite exercises to do for a toned bum. :)

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