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8 Ways to Boost Energy Without Caffeine

Ah, the afternoon crash. We've all been there. If you are like me, you probably tried fixing it with more coffee and then found out that drinking more of it actually reduces its effect. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating because you have things to do and when you feel drained you kind of procrastinate a lot more.

But don't worry there are healthy alternatives to caffeine which will wake you up. Here I share with you 12 ways to boost energy without caffeine.

1. Spice up your music playlist

The music you listen to can really wake you up or put you to sleep so choose wisely. Upbeat songs (about 170 BPM) can help you stay more alert and awake.

2. Recreate a natural scene

Having natural light entering the room you are in is a proven way to help you with the afternoon crash. Research from one university in Netherlands found that bright light can affect mental fatigue. Pull the curtains back and let it shine. Another thing you can do is invest in potted plants for your room so that it feels "touched by nature". Apparently people feel more vital if they are near nature. 3. Splash!

This one works and we all know it. Splash some cold water on your face and immediately you will feel more awake. It's the oldest trick there is in the book.

4. Check your Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is very common even in countries where there is a lot of hot sunny days. Part of the reason might be that people now more than ever apply sunscreen on their skin. If your Vitamin D levels are low, you might experience fatigue and feeling of sadness and depression (besides the negative effect on your bones). So this one is important to check. 5. Drink

Drinking something cool and refreshing will most definitely boost your energy levels. Compare drinking lemonade to drinking tea. You can imagine how one will wake you up and the other put to sleep. 6. Have a regular sleeping routine

This you have probable read everywhere there is a health tip blog post but it's true. Our bodies need homeostasis and are constantly working to achieve it. Going to bed and waking up at a regular time will make your body feel more energised during the day. 7. Chewing gum

Yes, chewing a gum (especially the mint ones) is a good way to boost alertness and lift energy levels. One study found that people who chewed gum for just 15 minutes felt a lot more awake and attentive. 8. Distract yourself

For 5 minutes change completely what you are doing. If you are on your desk and falling asleep, just get up and go for a 5 min walk. Maybe pour yourself a glass of water. Maybe watch a comedy video, one that would make you laugh. Laughter for sure will wake you up and energize you. I hope you found these helpful! If you try them and try reducing caffeine you might be surprised by the effect.

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