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10 best places in Zurich for outdoor training

Welcome to Vanya Fitness! With a summer like the one in Switzerland it's not surprising that so many people prefer to train outside in a park, in the forest or a track and field.

Coming to Zurich I was really impressed with the number of public facilities for outdoor training the city has to offer. For me as a personal trainer having the right equipment at a convenient location is everything. I did some research, found these outdoor calisthenics workout places and after visiting them all I want to share them with you. Whether you are doing outdoor personal training in Zurich or just hitting the bars with friends, here are the best places around Zurich to go and do your workout. 1. Züri Fit Anlage Hardhof am Fischerweg, Hardhof 19, 8064 Zürich

This is one if the biggest workout parks in Zurich. Limmat river passes right next to it. At the time of this blog post the equipment is very well preserved and looks pretty new. There is bigger variety of exercises one can do at the place compared to the other workout places in Zurich. There is a special bench for sit-ups and other equipment to train for balance. The view from this street fitness is pretty amazing too. 2. Street Workout Park Zürich Kernstrasse Engelstrasse, 8004 Zürich

This one is on Engelstrasse near Badenerstrasse. It sits in the yard of the Viventa Technical School. It has all you need plus a nice tree shade to keep you safe from the sun in the hot summer days in Zurich. There are two tables for table tennis so you can stay after your workout and play a game or two with friends. 3. Rooftop Street Workout Place

Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zürich

personal training rooftop zurich

This is a true hidden gem in Zurich. Equipped with pull-up bars, parallel bars. proper gym flooring and let's not forget the amazing view of the city, this place is perfect. It sits on top of the Museum für Gestaltung and is open 7am-10pm Monday to Saturday and 8am-8pm on Sunday.

4. Stadion Utogrund Albisriederstrasse 200, 8047 Zürich

This place is perfect for a cardio session. I personally struggle with running in town because you have to constantly be aware of cars, bikes, pedestrians and whatnot. Here you can just put your headphones on and forget about the rest. If the vita parkour places in Zurich are far from you check to see whether this stadium is of better location. 5. Calisthenics Park - Schulschwimmanlage Altweg Letzigraben 200, 8047 Zürich

Pull up bars, parallel bars and beam/bench. All you need for a full body workout. Bear in mind that this place is near children playground and the little ones might want to come and climb the facilities. So be careful if you do any explosive exercises. The workout place also has sand as flooring so the overall calories you would burn during a workout here will be more that if you had a firm flooring. 6. Züri Fit Calisthenics Street Workout Place Moosgutstrasse 11, 8045 Zürich

This street gym is right next to the skate park near Sihlcity. There is a place to lock your bike there as well as big grass field if you need more space for your workout. It can get quite busy in the evenings so if you are able to visit during the day you can enjoy the facilities when it's a bit more quiet and available. 7. Sportanlage Sihlhölzli Manessestrasse 1, 8003 Zürich

This stadium in Zurich is perfect for running enthusiasts and professional runners. There are stairs next to it which you can use for running, split squats, lunges etc. It's 14 minute walk from Bahnhof Enge. 8. Rentenwiese Lakeside Gardens

General-Guisan-Quai 37, 8002 Zürich

A good place for many kinds of sports. There is no calisthenics facility here but there are public toilets and lots of space for you to do your workout. It tends to get busy in the afternoons and evenings so if you can it's better to come earlier during the day. 9. Mini Calisthenics Street Workout Ground

3 minute walk from Hardhof tram stop

This calisthenics park in Zurich only offers three pull-up bars, a beam and a few tree trunks but impresses with the fact that it isn't a popular place for people to train so whenever you go, chances are you'd be the only person there. If you like to train alone and have the place for yourself maybe this one is for you. 10. Klopstockwiese park Klopstockstrasse 23, 8002 Zürich

If you do yoga in Zurich or other exercise which doesn't require bars and other equipment you might want to visit Klopstockwiese park. It is often quiet, it has public toilets and is 5 minute walk from the Sihlcity shopping centre. These are my top 10 calisthenics workout places in Zurich. I hope that after reading this you have found a good option for your training. If you know another good street workout place in Zurich, let me know! I can include it here for everyone to see.

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