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Are smoothies good or bad for you?


I love them! Who doesn't?

In the mornings especially, because it feels like I'm literally drinking vitamins, energy and antioxidants.

And SUGAR. They have a lot of it, don't they?

When you blend fruits, the natural sugars within them are released and become “free sugars”. These include any added sugars like honey or maple syrup for instance. The thing is that we should all be trying to cut these sugars down in order to protect our teeth as well as lower our energy intake to help maintain a healthy bodyweight. Even if the smoothies have some vegetables like spinach or kale, they are still likely to be high in sugar.

With smoothies you can quickly get too much of a good thing. So here is something to remember regarding these drinks:

1️⃣ Fruits in their blended form won't satisfy your hunger as much as if eaten in their solid form. 🍹🥭

2️⃣ Having big smoothies every day with or instead of breakfast is increasing your sugar consumption and is more likely that you have a bigger lunch after that. 🍱

3️⃣ Compared to fruit juice smoothies do not lose their fiber content which makes them the healthier option. ✅

So think these are good to enjoy every now and then in moderation but bear in mind that they might have the same sugar amount of a muffin! 🙈

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