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Popular weight loss myths

We all have believed in false fitness trends and claims at some point in our lives. Many of these myths persistently go around even though science has busted them many times.

Today I share the three most popular weightloss myths I bump into very often. It is my passion and mission as a health professional to clear them out to my clients and to anyone else who is reading this. So let's begin:

1️⃣ Eating carbs (or anything) after 6pm will go straight to your fat deposits and you'll gain weight.

False. ❌ Your body doesn't know what time it is. ⏰ Imagine you ran a marathon in the morning, didn't eat all day and then ate 1 potato at 18:01. Now how will this make you gain weight? It's all about the calories in versus out for the day (even for the whole week). So don't be afraid to eat after 6pm.

2️⃣ You can lose weight using the sauna.

Well, true. You will step in the scales after your sauna session and will probably see that you're a kilo or 2 down. That is because you have been sweating there 💦 and you have lost a ton of water to help cool your body. You are simply dehydrated. 🥵 Once you drink water you'll gain the weight back. Remember, sweat is not fat leaving your body but water.

3️⃣ Many small meals per day will speed up your metabolism compared to fewer and bigger meals.

False. Every food has a thermal effect (how much work you body needs to do to digest it) which depends on its nutrient content. It doesn't matter if you eat it at once or on 3, 4, 5 meals. It still requires the same work from your body to digest it. Imagine all you ate today was 1 kilo of apples. It doesn't matter if you ate all of it at once or 4 times 250g. You still ate 1 kilo of apples.

⚠️Remember these and don't make your life harder by trying to follow them, they don't work. 🙏

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