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Free to eat everything 

🦋Freedom🦋 A very important word to remember every day on your fitness journey.

Do you feel free to eat the foods you like? If not, why? For your weight loss to be successful it needs to be sustainable. That means you need nutrition and exercise lifestyle which you can maintain for life. Not just few weeks.

If you really like chocolate for example and cut it all from your diet, after a week ALL you will think about will be chocolate. 🍫😔🍫 But now imagine, what if you have chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY and you just fit it in the calories you need to eat for weight loss? After a while, the chocolate doesn't feel that special anymore because you are FREE to have it every day. You will be less likely to over eat it.

Much better, don't you think?

Always remember - Sustainable weight loss includes the foods you like. ☺️💐 *cough*In moderation*cough*

Yours in Fitness,


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