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Don't make the mistake I did

If you are a normal human being you probably thought at one point that you would be happier if you were slimmer/fitter (raise your hands).

I thought the exact same thing all my life. "I need to be fitter, I would feel so good." Well, I did like myself more after losing some body fat and putting on a bit of muscle but I didn't feel better. My "feeling better" had moved to another point in the future when I would be even more fit.

After some more time of training and religious dieting I was there. And I really liked how I looked. But I didn't feel better. My hormones were everywhere, I was tired and grumpy and one could clearly see that on my face.

It was then when I realized there were more to fitness than that. I had to be realistic about what fitness meant to me in terms of health. Am I really fit if I have a six pack but I am tired all the time.

Don't be like me. Your loved ones don't love you because you look like a super model. And they won't stop loving you if you stop looking like one. It's okay to want to lose some body fat and improve your fitness. It's a great thing. But not when it comes at the expense of your health and happiness. You can do it in a healthy way. You would need a structured program for your training and your diet. There must be enough rest and enough nutrients to keep you healthy and glowing. If you need guidance drop me a message, I am always here to help!

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